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General Operating System and Software Support

General Operating System and Software Support:

  • Diagnose and repair identified issues.

  • Install and configure customer supplied software.


Spyware/Virus Removal

Spyware/Virus Removal:

  • Identify known malicious software and remove as necessary.


Complete Rebuild / System Sterilization


There are often many different reasons for needing to rebuild a computer. The most common are hardware failures or malicious infections.


In the event of a HDD failure or massively corrupted system files we either replace the failed drive or we completely reformat the drive and begin the installation process following the steps below.


If your system has become excessively infected with malicious software such as viruses and trojans tracertTECH can remove that malicious software and restore the operating system (OS) to a stable and safe state. Because of the nature of spyware and viruses that are loose in the wild, it has become increasingly more difficult to remove them, even with aid of specially designed software that is intended to remove spyware and viruses. In most cases these protective software work at their best when installed before an infection has occurred.


At tracertTECH we believe the most efficient and effective way to repair an excessively infected system is to back up all the data to a separate remote storage device and completely format the HDD and reinstall the operating system. This is what we call a sterilization. Once the system has been formatted and the OS reinstalled we run all Windows Updates available at the time of the service. We also install Microsoft Security Essentials, a free antivirus as well as any customer requested and/or supplied software that was in use before the sterilization event.

System sterilization:

  • Back up desired data if possible (text files, pictures, music, video).
    (It is the responsibility of the customer to inform tracertTECH which files need to be backed up prior to the wipe. A written list will be made, and only data on that list will be backed up. Any files that are NOT on that list will be deemed expendable.)

  • Wipe and format Hard Drive.

  • Install operating system (typically a Microsoft Windows operating system).
    (Customers must provide a legal copy and license of Windows or prepay whatever the current market price is for a new copy and license)

  • Install all of the most current hardware drivers available for your system (chipset drivers, video drivers, audio drivers ect...)

  • Run Windows Update.

  • Install Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus.

  • Install any legal customer supplied software and run updates on them.

  • Reinstall previously backed up data (if available).

  • Run Disk Cleanup.

  • Run Disk Defragmenter.

30 Day Service Warranty

tracertTECH will warranty labor costs pertaining only to services performed above for a period of no more than 30 days. This does not include the removal of new infections after initial work has been performed.

Data Recovery



Operating System Reinstall

$200.00/Flat Fee

Standard fee for services is $100.00/hour

billed in 15 minute increments

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