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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

FTP Service

Access via FTP Client:


We recommend the use of FileZilla FTP solutions. Once you have installed the FileZilla FTP Client, open the program and enter your assigned credentials you received from tracertTECH in the following manner:


Host: tracertTECH.net     Username: jdoe     Password: [email protected]     Port: (Leave Blank)


Then press enter.


You should see text scroll in the status box showing that you are connected.


The data (folders & files) you have access to, should be displayed in the box on the left hand side labeled "Remote site:". Depending on the privileges you were assigned, you will be able to read, write, create or delete data.



Access via web browser:


If you are unable to install the FileZilla FTP Client, you can access your data via:

FTP Web Access: ftp://tracertTECH.net

(Click the link above and when prompted to do so, enter your assigned credentials you received from tracertTECH)

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