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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Consulting Services

tracertTECH has a variety of commercial & enterprise consulting and management services we offer:

  • Hardware Management

    • Server

    • Storage Array

    • Workstation

    • Public Access Kiosk

  • Software Management
    • VMware Infrastructure Management

    • Microsoft Active Directory Administration

    • Email Hosting & Management
    • Workflow Software Support & Management
    • Backup & Disaster Recovery Management
  • Network Management

    • Wide Are Networks - WAN

    • Local Area Networks - LAN

    • Virtual Local Area Networks - VLAN

    • Virtual Private Networks - VPN

    • File Transfer Protocol - FTP

  • Wireless Management
    • Wireless Access Points - WAPs

    • Wireless Local Area Networks - WLAN

    • Point to Point Wireless Connectivity
  • Web Development
    • Web Site Design & Management
    • Web Site Hosting

Please contact us for a consultation to determine the best solutions for you.

Pricing varies and is dependant upon degree of involvement and the overall size of the business or enterprise.

tracertTECH has developed a monthly management and maintenance service for businesses.

Clients will be able to place tracertTECH on retainer for continued support.

Standard fee for services is $100.00/hour

billed in 15 minute increments

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