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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

tracertTECH (Trace Route TECH) is an Information Technology Service Provider. We offer a wide array of services for just about everything IT from residential to commercial needs. It is our goal to provide the best service possible while educating our clientele to be as self sufficient as possible.


We like our clients to have a sense of satisfaction that only comes from being involved in the solution. While providing service, we can educate our clients, to empower them to work with technology rather than against it. In that process, we can instill the confidence necessary to do so.


There are clients that simply want a solution to the problem. We are happy to resolve those issues as well. For every answer is another question and we are always happy to explain the solutions we provide. There are no smoke and mirrors or a man behind a green curtain at tracertTECH. Part of our goal is keeping our clients well informed, therefore cultivating business relationships that will last a lifetime.


We are thankful you have chosen to consider tracertTECH for your IT needs. Take the time to look around our site to view the wealth of services we offer. When you've decide what services you would like us to perform, go ahead and submit a service request.



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